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1. Your home page must have a link on it that leads to your main partner directory, and can be accessed by one (1) click.  Our site can be found no more then 2 clicks from a category listing under which it was placed.

2. All our link pages are HTML driven because search engines like HTML.  We expect an even exchange.

3.  We will not link back to sites that place our link on a page with more then 50 other links.

Submit Website for Link Exchange On Page Linked on or to site home page. Your site will be one click from our home page & posted on a HTML page.

Before submitting your website to the link directory, please make sure you have created a reciprocal link to this site. For example, you may put the following code into your HTML (please look closely at the href=... part, your link should point to this exact URL):

Contact Name

Contact E-mail

Site Name

Site URL   (Fetch Site Info)

Reciprocal Link URL
The URL of the page containing the link back to this site.

Please Choose Correct Category For Your Site

Your Sites Description
A brief description of the site, up to 200 characters.

Copy the Letters
Enter the letters printed in the above image.

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